A little bit more about me…

From the military to high-tech, I’ve been at the intersection of storytelling and digital amplification for some time now. If you want the full story, read on. You can check out my resume or, if you want a less biased source, you can read some articles that have been written about my marketing (I, II).

I was born in Chicago and moved to Israel in high school. Once completed, I was drafted into the military through an elite track that sent me to Hebrew University, where I studied Psychology and International relations.

In the IDF, I served as an officer in a variety of roles that leveraged communication and psychology, first in the IDF’s Foreign Affairs Department and then in a strategic communication planning role in the Planning Directorate.

My final military position was as the IDF Spokesperson to North American Media, where I ran a large desk devoted to crafting and conveying strategic messaging to the largest media and production companies in the world, from Buzzfeed to the Wall Street Journal and National Geographic to CNN. Additional responsibilities included coordinating combined public relations activities with the United States Military and trying to look good in a uniform.

Upon completing my service as a captain, I went startup.

I run marketing at Freightos, a B2B platform that is revolutionizing the trillion dollar logistics industry with an online freight marketplace, heading up full marketing stack operations, from positioning and branding to digital and traditional marketing channels. I have a data-driven marketing approach, with an emphasis on content marketing, analyst relations, press engagements and online customer journeys.

On the side, I occasionally lecture about both Israeli security and digital marketing. I also like to help businesses and organizations get their feet wet with strategic positioning and branding, as well as social media and marketing strategies.

Everything else?

We’ll, I’m married and have the most beautiful daughter in the world,  live in Jerusalem, juggle a healthy obsessions with technology and international relations…and am completing a master’s degree in Government and Security at IDC Herzaliya (although, the be honest, that’s a ten year work in progress 😀 ).

Oh, and I love when people reach out and say hi!