My 2nd grade teacher was right.

I like to talk.

I have over 8 years of experience lecturing about the startup world, digital marketing and social media as a regular AIPAC Startup Nation lecturer, and at tech conferences like BlueCon2016 and KahenaCon, together with years of military experience as an IDF Spokesperson and strategic planner. I also regularly speak to visiting college and high school groups.

Beyond my blog posts on digital marketing, I regularly write articles across a range of subjects including ghostwritten articles that have appeared in TechCrunch and VentureBeat, as well as bylines in, Tier-1 logistics publications (Inbound Logistics,, local publications (Jerusalem Post) and more.

What I Talk About

Inbound Marketing: Getting Off The Ground
How growing startups can change the world, cutting through the digital noise to generate brand visibility, leads, and sales. All on a budget that will blow your mind.

60 Years Fast-Forwarded: from the IDF to the Startup Nation
The Israeli Defense Forces modus operandi and the natural progression into standard startup patterns. This lecture combines a short history of the Israeli Defense Forces and the organization’s evolution into Israel’s largest startup, with a focus on personnel empowerment, technology-driven scaling, agile development and bottom-up execution.

#TweetingUnderFire: The Israeli PR Experience
45 minutes or 1:30 hours
From strategic communication planning in the Planning Directorate to the IDF’s North American Spokesperson during some of the past decade’s biggest operations, hear my front-line experiences of the challenges, obstacles and lessons learned while representing the Israeli Defense Forces.

Israel and the IDF – Relationship Status: It’s Complicated
How the relationship between the Israel Defense Forces and the Israeli population has evolved since the establishment of the State. Lecture focuses on evolution from the People’s Army to the complex situation of today.

Interactive Workshop: Communication and Messaging
Hands-on workshop providing tools and processes to improve organizational messaging and communication. This interactive workshop leverages practical examples from both military and startup environments to conceptualize, shape and implement objective-driven communication, context and framing, and tactical execution of communication strategies.

Interactive: Digital Marketing for Startups: Building Something from Nothing
Varies – drop me a line to discuss

In a world where everyone has their own startup, getting (scalable) traction and attention is harder than ever. Available in personal or group sessions, this series provides guidelines for creating a basic marketing plan, establishing unique value propositions, defining audiences and creates a framework for developing, validating and executing digital marketing channels.

Check out some examples of a recent series of my lectures at Aleph VC here (I, II)