Marketers In Capes with G-CMO

Extraordinarily actionable interviews with tech marketing heroes, each delivered in about ten minutes.

Got some marketing truth bombs to share? Let me know. Also, if you’re curious, here’s why I started this in the first place.

Season Two of Marketers in Capes with G-CMO explores the world of some of Israel’s finest Chief Marketing Officers, together with the G-CMO Forum, a community of Israel’s top CMO’s from global companies. As a G-CMO member myself, I get to witness first-hand the kick-butt caliber of these professionals. Sharing with the listeners just made plain sense.

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The Episodes

About Marketers In Capes

Leonardo da Vinci’s real genius was ferocious curiosity. Geometric observations informed painting and nature informed flying devices, with everything meticulously documented in his notebooks.

Inspired by that appetite, Marketers In Capes looks at the world around us to discover marketing lessons under the surface of everyday things. The day is short, so are these episodes, typically running four to seven minutes.

It should not be hard for you to look at the stains on the wall, or the ashes of a fire, or the clouds, or the mud, and if you consider them well you will find marvelous new ideas.

Leonardo da Vinci (Codex Ash 1:13a)