Account-Based Content Marketing: Three Case Studies

Posted on Nov 21, 2018
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B2B is hard.

Getting attention, especially from senior decision makers, is down-right impossible. And outbound sales just isn’t the way to go. So while buyers are building up castle walls to push back against the attention-grabbers, most marketers are responding with brute force, trying to knock down the walls.

What if you could get someone to open up the gates instead?

Account-based marketing is the art (yes, art) of doubling-down on key prospects and companies, creating an incredibly compelling customer journey so they practically slide down a WD40’d Slip-n-Slide into your product.

And one of the best ways to support that is by leveraging account-based content. Well.

And wouldn’t you know it.

That’s exactly what I spoke about at Content Israel 2018 in November 2018, a great conference dedicated to actionable content marketing tips. And in order to share the love, here’s the slide deck I used.

Turning 98 Views Into A Gold Mine: A Case Study in Account-Based Content Marketing from Eytan Buchman

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