Bulk Extract Logos from Emails - Hack of the Day

Posted on Nov 12, 2018
Reading time: 2 minutes

This one is going to be short but sweet.

I constantly find myself needing to aggregate dozens of logos from email address domains (customers, event attendees, whatever). I have a great Keyboard Maestro macro for grabbing Google Image results for transparent logos but that still requires doing one at a time.

Until today.

I’m going to walk you through a two minute process to grab any number of logos and either export as one large image or save each individual logo, all from a list of emails. The tools?

  • A Google Sheet (link at the end of the post),
  • Clearbit, and a live HTML rendering tool called
  • SyncFiddle.

How to bulk convert emails into logos.

Look, a grpahic.

Here’s the deal.

Clearbit has a great API for automatically pulling logos from company names. But that doesn’t make it very easy to create pictures of multiple logos and requires another tool to actually aggregate. So I use Google Sheets to generate HTML of the images, and a live online rendering tool to actually create the images of all the logos together. That same tool lets you export the individual logos en masse.


My workflow goes like this:

  1. Drop a list of customer email addresses into Google Sheets
  2. The sheet will extract domain names and create the HTML for each logo using Clearbit’s awesome (and free) API.
  3. Since Clearbit doesn’t have logos for everything , the sheet uses a custom script (getStatusCode) to make sure the image exists. It also kills any free emails, which will mess up your logos. This does mean that you’ll need to approve the code to run. No funny shtuff.
  4. Use the second tab to grab the logo URLs or HTML format.
  5. If you’d like to just grab one big picture of all the logos, copy the HTML head to SyncFiddle, click “Create New Fiddle”, erase the left-most box, and paste the URL HTML. Then click “Run”. You should see the logos on the right – grab a screenshot. You’re done.
  6. If you want each logo saved as a separate file, export the SyncFiddle file, open the file in your browser, click File->Save Page As…”, and save as an HTML page. A folder should be saved in your downloads folder with all the logos.

Pretty simple, right?

Grab (and copy) the Google sheet righthere.