Finding your (AI) Brand Voice

Posted on Jun 15, 2023
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Part of the [Exploring AI] series

I ❤️ AI for scaffolding structure, support, and copyediting. It doesn’t mean you’re weak. It’s aim assist in Call of Duty. Turn it off and you’ll find yourself curled up in a corner with Mountain Dew on your Freightos t-shirt, crying that some 12-year-old around the world takes you out in four seconds flat every time you start moving.

So here’s the five step process for how I generated the perfect content prompt in ten minutes and training your way to a perfect prompt. The full example is in the first comment below.

Five steps for a better AI content prompt

  1. Prompt with your business description, customer base, persona, and tone.

“My company sells the best face broomalysers to gravity-challenged Martian natives who value saving snibs while showing they really get the Martian influencer zeitgeist. My voice is reminiscent of Charlie Chaplin’s earlier material, irreverent, and has an odd obsession with sliced American Cheese. Get it?”

  1. Ask it to write an article or rewrite some data points into an article. Don’t spend too long on this.

“My survey showed that 76% of Martians feel like they only need 45-50 more snibs. And 12 influencers who work at Martian Corp told me that their broomalysers help. Use the guide above to create a 400-word article.”

  1. Go back and forth with style or tone feedback.

“Yo, this is too stiff.” Push until you’re happy with the output. “Stop referring to the Martians as if they have four limbs. Also, more cowbell!”

  1. Ask ChatGPT to summarize the style of writing back to you. Make tweaks and copy it.

  2. 🤯 You now have an AI prompt for your library. From now on, every single time you start an AI conversation about writing content, social media posts, blog posts, you’re off to the races faster. I suggest bookmarking the conversation so you can go back and drop a “hey, following that same style, please write a social media post about X.”

This entire exercise takes ten minutes and will come in handy nearly every single day. I assume most marketing teams end up with a shared prompt library for different personas.

I’m trying to get more of these no-bullshit marketing tips out there, so go ahead and give me a follow on LinkedIn if you want to get the next one. Or unfollow me if you’re feeling angry this morning. Hugs.